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Tummy Bug

On Friday I did not go to school, because I had a tummy bug. I woke up in the morning, showered, got dressed and ate some food. Then I stood, went into another room and threw up in the dog’s water bowel. I then was told by my mom that I could not go to school. I then got changed and went back to bed while my mom took my brother to school. I actually felt a little bit better after throwing up, but I still had to rest. I got bored, so I read a history book. At the end of the day I went to my dad’s house and we had pizza for supper. I did not eat all of my food, because it made me feel sick. … Read entire article »

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Terry Pratchett Feet of Clay

Feet of Clay is a book written by Terry Pratchett. In Feet of Clay the main characters are part of the Ankh Morpork City Watch. Two old men have been attacked and have had their lives taken . One of them was a dwarf who made dwarf bread and the other old man was a priest. They both were attavked by the same guy, because there was some clay at both crime scenes. The golems are thing that do work for people. They can work all day and all night and do not need food, water or wages. Some of the golems have started to go off at night time and some are even destroying themselves. The people of Ankh Morpork are starting to dislike them and break them. They … Read entire article »

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Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals is book by Terry Pratchett and is about football. The wizards of the Unseen University have to play one football match. If they do not do this they will lose some money someone gave them and will not be able to have so much food and so many different types of cheeses. So they start to make a football team. The old rules of the game made the game slow and there was a lot of violence and not a lot of goals, but they have found an urn that has the older rules in it. They take these rules and mix them with the current ones and make a new set of rules. Nutt works in the candle vats and dribbles candles there with Trevor Likely, son of … Read entire article »

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