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The History of Theatre Design

Theatre most likely started as people doing rituals. People used masks and costumes to entertain people in the rituals. Later people started to leave out the ritual part of the performances. Theatre started around about 2500 years ago. The word theatre comes from the Greek word “theatron” which means “seeing place.” Greek theatre mostly developed in Athens. Plays were very important. Thousands of people went to the plays in ancient Greece. Even prisoners were released from jail for a short while to go and watch the plays. In Greece plays were important because they started off as events when they honoured Dionysus, the Greek god of the harvest and wine In early Greek theatres the directors and actors were all the same person. All actors were male and had exaggerated masks … Read entire article »

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The Design of Early Theatres

In an ancient Greek theatre there was a part called the orchestra. This was the stage in the centre of the theatre where people danced, performed religious ceremonies and acted out the plays. The skene was a big building that was behind the orchestra. From the word skene we get the words scene and scenery. The skene was used as a backstage and was the first piece of stage scenery. Before they used a big building they used a tent or a hut. The actors in the play used the skene to change their masks and costumes. Sometimes this building was painted and used as a backdrop. Some of the earlier theatres were made up of a flat space with an altar at the bottom of a hill. The audience stood … Read entire article »

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Concrete Bridges in South Africa

Paul Sauer bridge The Paul Sauer Bridge goes over the Storms river. It is located between George and Port Elizabeth. It is part of the N2 highway. The bridge was designed by an Italian architect named Riccardo Morandi. It was constructed using a special method. Instead of making the two sides and then meeting them in the middle, the two sides of the arch were built directly above the foundations and then tilted outwards over the gorge until they touched at the crown. The bridge was completed in 1958. It was widened in 1986. It was also rehabilitated. It is part of the N2, which is the only highway in the world, which is not in China or Italy that has three bridges higher than 152 metres. Bloukrans Bridge Bloukrans Bridge … Read entire article »

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