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Sebastian SchultzMy name is Sebastian Schultz and I am 13 years old, but will be turning 14 on the 11th of December 2011. I live with my mom in Cambridge and with my dad in the Kwelera area, so I often go swimming in the river. I have a brother whose name is Isaiah, and he is in grade 7 and enjoys playing cricket and playing computer games.

 I live in South Africa, in East London. I am in grade 8 and I go to school at Lilyfontein, a small school near the Brakfontein area, not too far away from the Gonubie Farmers Hall. The school is small and has just made second classes for grade 5. So now we have two classes per grade from grade one to grade five and one class per grade from grade six to grade twelve               

I am currently 1st in class and enjoy most of the subjects. I am good at maths and natural science. I do not like Afrikaans, because I have no vocabulary and I am not good at it. I play tennis, basketball and do running. I also do art outside of school and I do karate. I am currently brown belt and hopefully will soon be junior black belt. I will only be able to become full black belt when I am sixteen. I am not sure of what I want to be when I am older, but I would like to go to university and do something like engineering.

This website was given to me by my mom and Tony as an early Christmas present. I have just gotten it and will start writing articles. I will write about anything I feel like. I will write about PC games, my life, write some stories or any other random subjects.

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