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Concrete Bridges in South Africa

Paul Sauer bridge

The Paul Sauer Bridge goes over the Storms river. It is located between George and Port Elizabeth. It is part of the N2 highway. The bridge was designed by an Italian architect named Riccardo Morandi. It was constructed using a special method. Instead of making the two sides and then meeting them in the middle, the two sides of the arch were built directly above the foundations and then tilted outwards over the gorge until they touched at the crown. The bridge was completed in 1958. It was widened in 1986. It was also rehabilitated. It is part of the N2, which is the only highway in the world, which is not in China or Italy that has three bridges higher than 152 metres.

Bloukrans Bridge

Bloukrans Bridge is a concrete arch bridge that goes over the Bloukrans River, near Nature’s Valley in the Western Cape. It is the highest bridge in Africa. It was built by Murray and Roberts. The Bloukrans bridge was completed five months ahead of schedule.s Its arch weighs 12 000 tons. The Bloukrans Rivers is the border between the Eastern and Western Cape. The bridge took 3 years to build. The construction of the bridge started in 1980 and ended in 1983. It is 451 metres long and it is 216 metres high. It is the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee jump spot.

Van Stadens Bridge

Van Staden’s Bridge is in the Eastern Cape and it is a concrete arch bridge. On 11 November 1971 it was opened. It is also known as the bridge of death. It is 127 metres high. It is near Port Elizabeth and it goes over the Van Stadens River Valley. The bridge is part of the N2 highway. It is famous for being a place where people commit suicide. Only 12 days after it was built, someone committed suicide by jumping off of it. 82 people have now jumped off it and died. It is one of the world’s most often used suicide spots. Twenty people have been saved from committing suicide by the police and the public.

Steve Biko Bridge

The Steve Biko Bridge is in East London and it goes over the Buffalo River, near the harbour. It is a concrete girder bridge. It connects part of East London to the airport and West Bank. The bridge used to be called the John Foster Bridge, but it was renamed on the 20th anniversary of Steve Biko’s death in 1997. This bridge is close to Fort Glamourghan Prison. Steve Biko was in this prison. He was put in solitary confinement. This bridge is also close to Daimler Chrysler, which employes a lot of the people in East London.

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