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Mark Shuttleworth Early Years and Interesting Facts

Mark Shuttleworth’s Early Years

In his childhood Mark Shuttleworth always dreamed of going to space. He used to build rockets in the backyard of his home. He wanted to go to space even in primary school.
Mark Richard Shuttleworth was born on 18 September 1973. He grew up in Welkom, which is in the Free State in South Africa. He now lives in the Isle of Man which is in the Irish Sea, in the British Isles, between Ireland and England and he owns citizenship in South Africa as well as in the United Kingdom. His father was a surgeon and his mother was a nursery school teacher.

Mark Shuttleworth went to school at Rondelbosch Boys High School and then he went to Western Province Preparatory School. After that he went on and studied at Doicesan College. He then studied further at the University of Cape Town and got a Business Science degree in Finance and Information Systems. He resided in Smuts Hall and he was involved with the first installation of a residential Internet cable at that university.

In 1995 Mark Shuttleworth started Thawte, which specialised in creating digital certificates and Internet security. In December 1999 he sold Thawte to VeriSign and he earned R3.5 billion. Then in September 2000 he formed a business called HBD Venture Capital, which was a business incubator and venture capital provider.

A quote and some interesting facts

This is a quote from Mark Shuttleworth:
‘There are some ideas that are broken, but attractive enough to some people that they are doomed to be tried again and again. DRM is one of them.’ -Mark Shuttleworth

Interesting facts:

On 25 April 2002 Mark Shuttleworth went into space.
He is the second space tourist to pay for himself.
He is the first African to have gone into space.
He had to pay $20 million for his trip to space.
While he was in space a fourteen year old girl asked him to marry her.
He has a private jet with a picture of a dragon on the side.
He has dual citizenship for South Africa and United Kingdom.

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