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Sientific name
The Capra falconeri

The Markhor is an Asian mountain goat species found in the western part of the Himalayas. The Markhor has corkscrew shaped horns and it has a reddish, brownish coat in the summer and a long, grayish coat in the winter. It is 65 to 115 cm tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 110kg.

Area it is found in
The Markhor is mainly found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. It is adapted to mountain terrain and can be found in mountains at height of up to 3600 metres, in little forests.

Why is it endangered?
The Markhor is mainly endangered because of over-hunting, for its meat, horns and as hunting trophies. It is also endangered because of habitat loss and competition from live stock. The Markhor’s horns are worth a lot of money, so this encourages hunters to hunt it.
Long ago Markhors used to be in herds of up to a hundred, but by the 1970’s the average herd size was 9. Less than 2500 mature individuals are left.

This Asian mountain goat is a vegetarian, which means it only eats plants. When the tussocks of grass that they eat dry out after spring, they eat leaves and twigs. Markhors even sometimes climb trees to get to the higher leaves.

The Markhors mate in the winter (which is the same time as a South African summer) and they have 1 to 3 babies in late April and early June.( their summer)

What is being done to save it
The Markhor Is being protected by people teaching the people that live in the Markhor’s areas that hunting it is wrong. The people set up watchers to look out for poachers.

I think it should be made illegal to hunt Markhors in all countries, because they are an endangered species.

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