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My Christmas Week 2011


We went to the movies and saw a movie called Tintin. It was about a boy who is looking for a sunken treasure.


I stayed at home most of the day and in the evening I had supper with my mom, Tony, my brother, my gran and grandpa and two of my aunties. We had KFC for supper and we ate a lot of chips and chocolate. Eventually we got our Christmas presents out from under our silver Christmas tree. I got a T-shirt, shorts, deodorant, money, computer games and chocolate. When everyone went home I went to sleep.


It was Christmas morning and I got a few more presents from my mom. I then went to my other granny’s house and had lunch there. My cousins, my auntie, my uncle and my other auntie were also there. We had lots of fun. My brother and I got a table tennis table and I got three books and some money. I also played some pool against my dad and grandpa, but I lost every time. After that I went down to my dad’s house and spent the rest of the day there.


Our computer was broken, so I could not play any games. I just read my book, played table tennis and watched TV the whole day.


My sister and her children came to our house. We went and swam in the river and jumped off some rocks. We then went back to the house and we threw seeds at each other. After a while my sister went home.


Little waterfall in Hogsback
We woke up and got ready to go to hogsback. Then we set off. It was a long drive to hogsback, but eventually we got there. We ate some food at a restaurant and bought a map. We then went to the hotel and got our key to our room. We then had to wait for them to clean our room. After we had put our things in our room we walked up to kettle spout. We got very wet. When we came back it was raining and we got more wet. When we got to the hotel we got changed and spent the rest of the afternoon there.


Maddona and Child Waterfall in Hogsback We woke up and then had some breakfast. We then went and walked down a path that was supposed to take us to swallow tail falls, but we did not see the waterfall. We saw many other small waterfalls along the path. We eventually got back to the car and went to Madonna and Child waterfall. It is a very big waterfall. We then went home. At our house our cousins came and we swam and jumped off the rocks. After a while they went home and we went back inside our house.


We went back to our mom’s house and I came and typed this.

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