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My First Lilyfontein Adventure Race

My first adventure race was held at inkwenkwezi game reserve and organised by Lilyfontein School. The adventure race was held in September 2012 and teams of children from different schools all took part. The teams consisted of four members and each team had to have at least one boy and one girl. The race was made up of a 40km cycling leg, a short paddle and a 10km running leg. The teams were all briefed on the night before the race. The course was explained, each team got given its map and then the participants went home for a good night’s rest for the tough day ahead.

The next morning everyone arrived early for the start of the race. All the teams got ready and soon they were called for the start of the adventure race. The elder age groups went off first, and then it was our turn. We raced off on our bicycles and out of the game reserve. We went down the tar road and then went off on a dirt track. As we were turning another adventure racer road straight into, but luckily nobody was hurt. We carried on cycling on this horrible road. There were steep hills and loose stones.

It was tiring cycling on the grass and we ended up going quite slowly. While we were cycling one of our team members got a puncture. We had to stop and try fix. A few teams passed us including another team from out school. Eventually we got a spare tube from another team and a man helped us replace the old one. We carried on with our cycling without any other problems until we got to the place we were supposed to paddle at.

Another boy and I paddled while the others waited and we clipped our card and came back. We then started our running leg along the beach and then back towards Inkwenkwezi. It was tiring and my friend and I got cramps. When we got back we shot with a bow and arrow and did some other activities. We then crossed the finish line. We were the first U/15 team to finish, but we cycled right past one of the checkpoints without clipping our card and we were disqualified. Although we did not win we had fun and we knew that we were winners even if we were not standing on the podium.

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