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My First Surfers Marathon

I was 13 when I ran my first Surfers Marathon. The 2011 Surfers Marathon was the 37th surfers Marathon. We went in our car and parked our car near the finish line of the surfers marathon. We waited a while and my mom gave me some sun block, because it was a very hot day. When the busses came my mom, Tony and I got on one of the busses and I was anxious to go. After a short while the bus set off and we began our journey to the start of the Surfers Marathon at Kwelera Mouth.

It felt hot and stuffy in the bus and it felt like we were in the bus for a long time. I felt exited that I was going to do my first Surfers Marathon, right here in East London. After a while the bus stopped at the start of the Surfers Marathon, at Kwelera River Mouth.

We waited for quite a long time before the East London Surfers Marathon race started. I saw some of my friends from school who were also going to do the 17km race, and out in the ocean the paddlers were getting ready to do their version of the Surfers Mrarthon. At last everyone went to the start and got ready to run. There were some people in the front who had run this race before and did well, so they were allowed to stand at the front. Then we were off.

The first part is on this little dirt road and it is very crowded and sometimes you are forced to walk. Once we were out onto the soft sand we could spread out and run freely. I went down to the rocks, because they were hard and easy to run on, unlike the hot, soft sand. The rocks were quite slippery in some places, but I just watched where I put my feet and I was fine. After a while there were some small pebbles to run on and I always thought that I was about to fall. I kept on running until I had to turn right and go up the Gonubie River a bit until I got to the ropes where I could cross the Gonubie River. In 2011 the river was very shallow, shallow enough for me to walk across. I used the ropes even though I did not need them. The ropes are there for people who need help and when there are strong currents in the river, but everyone should use them just in case.

After I crossed the Gonubie River I felt refreshed, because the water cooled me down. My shoes were heavy because they were wet and at first it was a little bit hard to pick my feet up, but that soon wore off. Then I went and got some water at the first water stop after the Gonubie River and I also got an ice lolly. It was the second water stop of the race. Then I went into Gonubie, the second third of the race.

It was much easier to run on the tar and there were a lot of water stops. People had set out sprinklers and I ran into most of them to cool myself down. At the top of a slight rise some of my family was waiting to cheer me on. I kept running and sometimes walking until I got to a path that led onto some more sand. While I was going towards the path I got some jelly tots from someone and carried on. The sand was hard and easy to run on, but I was so exhausted that I walked quite a lot. After what seemed like forever the finish line came into sight. I finally got there and went through the Nahoon River, which was hot and very shallow. I then ran towards the finish, which was a couple hundred meters away. There were people on both sides of me on the other side of the bunting and I saw some of my family in the crowds. I finally crossed over the finish line and my time was around about 2 hours and 20 minutes. In the 2012 Surfers Marathon I want to get a better time. My younger brother is going to run his first Surfers Marathon in 2012.

After I finished the race I got my Surfers T-shirt and some water and then I waited for my mom and Tony. We then went from the Nahoon Life Savers Shack to our car and then went back and rested and bought some cooldrink. After a while of just resting there we went back up to the car and then went home.

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