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Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals is book by Terry Pratchett and is about football. The wizards of the Unseen University have to play one football match. If they do not do this they will lose some money someone gave them and will not be able to have so much food and so many different types of cheeses. So they start to make a football team. The old rules of the game made the game slow and there was a lot of violence and not a lot of goals, but they have found an urn that has the older rules in it. They take these rules and mix them with the current ones and make a new set of rules. Nutt works in the candle vats and dribbles candles there with Trevor Likely, son of … Read entire article »

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My Christmas Week 2011

Friday We went to the movies and saw a movie called Tintin. It was about a boy who is looking for a sunken treasure. Saturday I stayed at home most of the day and in the evening I had supper with my mom, Tony, my brother, my gran and grandpa and two of my aunties. We had KFC for supper and we ate a lot of chips and chocolate. Eventually we got our Christmas presents out from … Read entire article »

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Sid Meier’s Civilization IV

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV is a PC game. It is a strategy game. When you get to the menu of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV you can choose to play one of the scenarios, or you can just choose to play a random game. If you choose to play a normal game you have to choose tour map and world size. There are many different maps in Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. You can choose to have different continents, a few big continents, one massive continent or you can choose to have lots of little islands. There are also many more maps to choose from. After that you have to choose your civilization. There are lots of civilizations to choose from in Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. You can be the British, the … Read entire article »

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The San Bushmen Culture

The San Bushmen live in the Kalahari desert and on its borders. San bushmen speak lots of sub-divisions of a group of languages known for the clicks that you can hear in their pronunciation, represented in writing symbols, for example ! or / . The main language groups of the San include : !kung, Khomani, Vasekela, Mbarakwena, /Auni, Auen, /Gwi, //Ganaa, Kua, /Tannekwe, /Geinin, /Xoma, //Obanen Ganin , /Xam-kalke and !Xo. All the different San bushman Languages are part of the Khoisan language family. Here is an example of the bushman language and its meaning: !ke e: /xarra //ke and it means unity in diversity. To prevent the Khoisan languages are becoming extinct the languages are being introduced to schools. Traditionally the Bushmen do not wear a lot of clothing. Normally the men wear a small piece … Read entire article »

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My First Surfers Marathon

I was 13 when I ran my first Surfers Marathon. The 2011 Surfers Marathon was the 37th surfers Marathon. We went in our car and parked our car near the finish line of the surfers marathon. We waited a while and my mom gave me some sun block, because it was a very hot day. When the busses came my mom, Tony and I got on one of the busses and I was anxious to go. After a short while the bus set off and we began our journey to the start of the Surfers Marathon at Kwelera Mouth. It felt hot and stuffy in the bus and it felt like we were in the bus for a long time. I felt exited that I was going to do my first … Read entire article »

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African Musical Instruments the Kora and the Kosika

The kora Country of origin The kora comes from West Africa, but mostly Gambia. The kora also comes from the Mandika tribes. Physical description A kora is an instrument made from half a big calabash covered in cow skin to make a resonator and has a notched bridge like a guitar. The strings are traditionally made out of leather and gut but they have been replaced with nylon. A kora sounds like a harp and has twenty one strings, but sometimes it has more and sometimes it has less. Eleven of the strings of the kora are played by the left hand and ten are played by your right hand. Traditional use Traditionally koras come from griot families who are traditional storytellers, historians and genealogists. The calabashes that the kora is made from is also … Read entire article »

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African Instruments the Kuduzela

Country of origin The kudu horn originates from Africa. The kudu is widespread over Africa, extending to the Indian sub-continent and Arabia, and Jewish people use the kudu horn for religious purposes, as a “shofar.” The shofar is blown during services like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Physical description The kudu horn is made from the horns of the lesser kudu. The elegant spiral horns of the lesser kudu are hollowed out to make the wind instrument called the kudu horn. The kudu horns are played by blowing into them trumpet style in a hole near the top of it. Traditional use In Africa horns are used as honey containers and musical instruments. The horns are thought to be the homes of powerful spirits.The horns of a kudu hollowed out as an aerophone are used … Read entire article »

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Markhor Sientific name The Capra falconeri Description The Markhor is an Asian mountain goat species found in the western part of the Himalayas. The Markhor has corkscrew shaped horns and it has a reddish, brownish coat in the summer and a long, grayish coat in the winter. It is 65 to 115 cm tall at the shoulder and can weigh up to 110kg. Area it is found in The Markhor is mainly found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. It is adapted to mountain terrain and can be found in mountains at height of up to 3600 metres, in little forests. Why is it endangered? The Markhor is mainly endangered because of over-hunting, for its meat, horns and as hunting trophies. It is also endangered because of habitat loss and competition from live … Read entire article »

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The Last Two Weeks of School

In the last two weeks of school there were very few people and school came out early every day. Exams were over so there was no need to come to school, but I did even though I did not want to. At first I did jobs for merits for my merit card because I wanted to reach platinum award. I also got merits for doing well in my exams. In the first week some of the boys in my class and I did work on the cricket pitch. We loaded wheel barrows up with some sand bags and then unloaded the sandbags onto the cricket pitch. The sandbags were extremely heavy and it was tough work. We all complained. After that we took out weeds, swept the cricket pitch and … Read entire article »

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Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3 is a first person shooter game. You can do the campaign or choose quick action. In the UT3 campaign you have to be a guy called Reaper. You have to play rounds in which you have to defeat the enemy. There are different types of games in Unreal Tournament 3. There is team mode, capture the flag, vehicle capture the flag and warfare. The team mode is just a straight up match between two teams. The first team to get a certain score wins. In capture the flag, the first team to capture a certain number of flags win. In this mode you also get a translocator, which can teleport you to places. In the vehicle capture the flag you also have to capture a certain number of … Read entire article »

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