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Shirley Temple History and Career

Shirley Temple History

Shirley Jane Temple was born on the 23rd of April 1928 in Santa Monica, California, USA. She was a child star.

She married a businessman named Charles Black. Before that she was married to John Argor. She had three children whos names were Lindon Susan Argor, Charles Alden Black Jr. and Lori Alden Black. She went to school at Meglin’s, which is a popular talent school. She also went to Alma mater Westlake School for Girls.

Shirley Temple started doing movies when she was only three years old. By the age of five she could sing act and dance. Everybody liked her because she was happy and cheerful in her movies. Times were depressing and she put some sunshine in their day.

She was the box office champion for three years in a row. From 1934-1936 she earned five million dollars. She did quite a few of her movies with Bill Robinson. His nickname is Mr. Bojangles. He was a tap dancer. Sometimes he and Shirley Temple would tap dance together. Shirley Temple broke racial boundaries by tap dancing with him in her movies.

After she stopped doing movies in 1950 she became the US ambassador to Ghana and from 1989 to 1992 she was the ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

While Shirley’s mother was pregnant with her she listened to records, read books and went to concerts to try and influence her child’s future. Her mother also taught her the words to songs.

When Shirley Temple was three years old she was picked from her dancing class to appear in a comedy called Baby Berlesks. In 1924 she did her first feature film called Stand up and cheer. She got into a seven year contract with Fox, which is a film company, which ended in 1940. And until then all her movies were cast for them.

She got a small Oscar for bringing more happiness to millions of children and grownups than any other child of her years in the history of the world.

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