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African Instruments the Kuduzela

Country of origin The kudu horn originates from Africa. The kudu is widespread over Africa, extending to the Indian sub-continent and Arabia, and Jewish people use the kudu horn for religious purposes, as a “shofar.” The shofar is blown during services like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Physical description The kudu horn is made from the horns of the lesser kudu. The elegant spiral horns of the lesser kudu are hollowed out to make the wind instrument called the kudu horn. The kudu horns are played by blowing into them trumpet style in a hole near the top of it. Traditional use In Africa horns are used as honey containers and musical instruments. The horns are thought to be the homes of powerful spirits.The horns of a kudu hollowed out as an aerophone are used … Read entire article »

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