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The San Bushmen Culture

The San Bushmen live in the Kalahari desert and on its borders. San bushmen speak lots of sub-divisions of a group of languages known for the clicks that you can hear in their pronunciation, represented in writing symbols, for example ! or / . The main language groups of the San include : !kung, Khomani, Vasekela, Mbarakwena, /Auni, Auen, /Gwi, //Ganaa, Kua, /Tannekwe, /Geinin, /Xoma, //Obanen Ganin , /Xam-kalke and !Xo. All the different San bushman Languages are part of the Khoisan language family. Here is an example of the bushman language and its meaning: !ke e: /xarra //ke and it means unity in diversity. To prevent the Khoisan languages are becoming extinct the languages are being introduced to schools. Traditionally the Bushmen do not wear a lot of clothing. Normally the men wear a small piece … Read entire article »

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