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Concrete Bridges in South Africa

Paul Sauer bridge The Paul Sauer Bridge goes over the Storms river. It is located between George and Port Elizabeth. It is part of the N2 highway. The bridge was designed by an Italian architect named Riccardo Morandi. It was constructed using a special method. Instead of making the two sides and then meeting them in the middle, the two sides of the arch were built directly above the foundations and then tilted outwards over the gorge until they touched at the crown. The bridge was completed in 1958. It was widened in 1986. It was also rehabilitated. It is part of the N2, which is the only highway in the world, which is not in China or Italy that has three bridges higher than 152 metres. Bloukrans Bridge Bloukrans Bridge … Read entire article »

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My First Surfers Marathon

I was 13 when I ran my first Surfers Marathon. The 2011 Surfers Marathon was the 37th surfers Marathon. We went in our car and parked our car near the finish line of the surfers marathon. We waited a while and my mom gave me some sun block, because it was a very hot day. When the busses came my mom, Tony and I got on one of the busses and I was anxious to go. After a short while the bus set off and we began our journey to the start of the Surfers Marathon at Kwelera Mouth. It felt hot and stuffy in the bus and it felt like we were in the bus for a long time. I felt exited that I was going to do my first … Read entire article »

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