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Terry Pratchett Feet of Clay

Feet of Clay is a book written by Terry Pratchett. In Feet of Clay the main characters are part of the Ankh Morpork City Watch. Two old men have been attacked and have had their lives taken . One of them was a dwarf who made dwarf bread and the other old man was a priest. They both were attavked by the same guy, because there was some clay at both crime scenes. The golems are thing that do work for people. They can work all day and all night and do not need food, water or wages. Some of the golems have started to go off at night time and some are even destroying themselves. The people of Ankh Morpork are starting to dislike them and break them. They cannot usually fight back because of the words in their head and so they are easy to destroy, but some of the golems are starting to fight back.

The patrician has been poisoned with arsenic. No one knows where it is coming from and it is being administered to him in small amount regularly. He is constantly ill and has changed room and everything has been replaced, but he is still sick. While the patrician is sick some nobles are looking for a replacement. They find out that there is an Earl of Ankh somewhere in the city and try to contact him. There is also a new dwarf in the City Watch and she is a woman. It is rare for a dwarf woman to say she is a woman, or make it public. Cheery is an alchemist and she does all of the scientific work for the watch. The rats are also getting sick in the tunnels under the city because they have been poisoned by something and they are also poisoning people who eat the rats.

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