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Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals is book by Terry Pratchett and is about football. The wizards of the Unseen University have to play one football match. If they do not do this they will lose some money someone gave them and will not be able to have so much food and so many different types of cheeses. So they start to make a football team. The old rules of the game made the game slow and there was a lot of violence and not a lot of goals, but they have found an urn that has the older rules in it. They take these rules and mix them with the current ones and make a new set of rules.

Nutt works in the candle vats and dribbles candles there with Trevor Likely, son of the famous footballer Dave Likely, but Trev does not do much work. Nutt is very clever because he has read loads of books and he is an orc. Orcs were nasty creatures that killed people in the war, but they were forced to do this. Glenda works in the night kitchen and makes food with Jules who actually is in to modelling and gets a job to show off dwarf clothes. All these people get involved in the football and the build up to the big game.

Nutt has to train the new football team made up of the old wizards from the Unseen University. For the match they will not use any magic. They have these new balls that they got from a magic box and they are much better than the old balls because the can go much further. Nutt teachers the wizard about tactics and balance and Trev is there to. He is brilliant with a tin can, but will not play in the match because he promised his mom before she died, after his dad in a match.

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