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The Last Two Weeks of School

In the last two weeks of school there were very few people and school came out early every day. Exams were over so there was no need to come to school, but I did even though I did not want to. At first I did jobs for merits for my merit card because I wanted to reach platinum award. I also got merits for doing well in my exams. In the first week some of the boys in my class and I did work on the cricket pitch. We loaded wheel barrows up with some sand bags and then unloaded the sandbags onto the cricket pitch. The sandbags were extremely heavy and it was tough work. We all complained. After that we took out weeds, swept the cricket pitch and rolled the cricket pitch so that we could squash all the grass flat. The roller was very heavy. The next day we took the sand to the other cricket pitch and we had to go up a big hill. I slipped lots of times because the hill was very steep.

On some of the other days I took labels off trophies and delivered art to the different classes. I also had to put notices into the school magazines and take them to the different classes. This was not such bad work because we got to look at the school magazine. We also had to cover books. I had to learn how to do this from one of the girls and the first book I tried to cover I messed up, so I wasn’t allowed to cut again. We mainly covered paperback books and it was hard work. We covered a lot of books.
Tonight we will have a sleep over at school and tomorrow will be our last day at school and then it will be holidays.

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