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Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Tournament 3 is a first person shooter game. You can do the campaign or choose quick action. In the UT3 campaign you have to be a guy called Reaper. You have to play rounds in which you have to defeat the enemy. There are different types of games in Unreal Tournament 3. There is team mode, capture the flag, vehicle capture the flag and warfare.

The team mode is just a straight up match between two teams. The first team to get a certain score wins. In capture the flag, the first team to capture a certain number of flags win. In this mode you also get a translocator, which can teleport you to places. In the vehicle capture the flag you also have to capture a certain number of flags, but now you get vehicles and a hover board. There are cars, tanks, small helicopter things, jet-like things, spider machines and a few others. These vehicles are called: razor, goliath, manta, raptor, dark walker and fury. All vehicles have at least one weapon to defend yourself with. In the UT3 warfare mode you have to connect nodes (orb-like things) and control them. You then must attack the enemy prime node.

In quick action in the Unreal Tournament 3 menu you can choose what mode you want to play in. You can choose between deathmatch, team deathmatch, warfare, capture the flag, vehicle capture the flag, greed and betrayal. In betrayal you have to work with your team to get points and then betray them to keep the points. In greed you have to eliminate the enemies and take the skulls to the enemy base to get points.
There are many different tools you can use to dispose of the enemy in the game. There are also mods in which you can do many things, such as become a titan.

There are some cheats for Unreal tournament 3. In UT3, while you are playing press F10, take away the word say, so that you can type in the cheat. Here are some useful cheats for Unreal Tournament 3:

Type loaded for more fire power
Type god for god mode, so that you can live forever

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